Vi De Glass - Riesling 2011

Vi De Glass - Riesling 2011
Vi De Glass - Riesling 2011
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Winery Name/Region : Gramona, Do Penedes, Spain
Grape: mostly Riesling (60%) and Muscat    1 100% Gewürztraminer 00% Gewürztraminer
Rating: Campsa Guide 2008 edition: 92 points
Size: 375ml


Taking his inspiration from the Eiswein (ice wines), made by the freezing of grapes on the vine, later cold pressing and fermentation at low temperatures, Jaume Gramona sought to produce wine of similar characteristics with grapes from a vineyard where it does not freeze during the harvest months.

Following a late harvest, the only natural way to concentrate this must even further is by its partial freezing, which enables full oenological control of the process: supraextraction and cryoextraction in a cold chamber.

To do so, a yeast with an accentuated plasmolysis effect, especially selected by the University of Bordeaux, is used. The result is a highly concentrated, fruited wine that is at once sweet and tart, endowing it with fluidity and character, aging capacity and fascinating possibilities for in-bottle evolution.

The foods to be paired with this wine vary depending on the point of its evolution in which the bottle is uncorked. Still young: It can easily be an early evening wine, with no more accompaniment than pleasant company, sunshine and a garden breeze.  A dessert wine, to round out fruit salads, truffles or chocolate pralines. With the complexity of aging: a wine to be had with strong cheeses, natural foie gras, oysters or scallops…Once it has evolved, cooked dishes that can be more complex the longer it has been held in the bottle, which is the very purpose of its dark, thick glass.

Gramona, sets up in Yr.1881 in Spain with over 130 years history, produces the top quality and longest aged Cavas, with high recognition in the world.

Wine Name Gramona Vi De Glass - Riesling
Winery Name Gramona
Region DO Cava (Penedes), Spain
Grape 100% Riesling
Size 375ml
Rating Campsa Guide 2008 edition: 92 points

Sight: light yellow with tones of new gold.

Nose: Citric and exotic fruit rinds, peach notes. Floral bouquet, roses, orange blossom. Blend of white fruits, fine tones of honey and aromatic herbs.

Taste: As a sweet wine, it stands out for its major fluidity with a surprisingly well-integrated sharpness. Silky and unctuous, its harmony gives it excellent drink ability.

·         Campsa Guide 2008 edition: 92 points

·         Campsa Guide 2005 edition: 92 points. Best wines of Spain.

·         Anuario de Vinos Ed. El Pais 2008: 4 stars

·         Gourmets Guide 2010 edition: 8.25 points

·         Gourmets Guide 2007 edition: 8.5points. Honours List.

Annual Production: XXX bottles